Mike & Sigrid's Africa Tour

Africa Tour

13-Sep-95 to 19-Oct-95

"But here we were, now, caught by time, by the season, and by the running out of our money, so that what should have been as much fun to do each day . . . was being forced into that most exciting perversion of life, the necessity of accomplishing something in less time than should be truly allowed for it’s doing."

Ernest Hemingway - Green Hills of Africa


Mike and Sigrid, American tourists, take their first trip to Africa. They spend two weeks in Zimbabwe, two weeks in Botswana, two hours in Zambia, two days in Capetown and visit London coming and going. Sigrid shoots fifty rolls of film. Mike shoots eleven hours of video. Mike loses a lifelong struggle with a pervasive and chronic geek strain in his personality and determines that the entire experience must be documented for all time on the web.


The Itinerary Our itinerary -  as we received it from our travel agent. 
The Journal A day by day, blow by blow account of our month in Africa, illustrated with video stills.
Sigrid's Gallery A selection of Sigrid's favorite photographs from the trip.
NetSnake It starts in a cave in Africa - a rambling reflection on the trip, the net, and Where It Is All Going. 
Comments A selection of your commentary, reviews, and great (or otherwise) thoughts on this site.
Lilian & Jim's Tour Two years later, Lilian and Jim covered some of the same ground - their report.
Bugs, Reptiles, Disease

Bugs, Reptiles, Disease